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L J Louis BA LLB

Head Lifestyle Coach Practitioner


L J Louis, a renowned Sex and Lifestyle Coach practitioner, shapes her approach to sexual liberation and lifestyle transformation with a rich tapestry of life experiences, diverse qualifications, and a true passion for assisting others in their personal journeys. 


With a foundational educational background in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts in Law focused on conflict resolution and mediation, with experience in contentious litigation,  L J Louis blends an intricate understanding of the human psyche and conflict management into her coaching style. The infusion of her degrees and her Life Mastery Coaching Certification from The International Coaching Federation enhance her unique ability to facilitate change in her clients' lives, helping them delve deep into personal growth, transformation, and empowerment.


A passionate fitness and health enthusiast, armed with an advanced diploma in Fitness and Health promotion, L J Louis blends physical wellness techniques into her lifestyle coaching methods. She firmly believes in the intrinsic connection between physical well-being, mental health, and explosive sex, leveraging this synergy in her practice.

Perhaps most unique is her 25-year journey through tantric teachings, yoga and exploration of mystical sexual experiences from around the globe, allowing L J Louis to cultivate a nuanced understandings of sexual liberation. Her holistic approach goes well beyond the conventional borders of coaching, delving into realms that fuse the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. 


Guided by her extensive experience and fuelled by her dedication to changing lives, L J Louis empowers her clients to embrace their sexuality, redefine their lifestyle, and unlock their highest potential. Her unique approach facilitates an environment where physical health, mental resilience, and sexual freedom contribute to a potent formula for self-improvement and lifestyle liberation.    


Her eclectic methodology is more than just a coaching approach — it is a journey of self-discovery, freedom, and empowerment. L J Louis invites you to embark on this transformative journey, and discover the possibilities of what sexual liberation and lifestyle mastery can mean for you.

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