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Explore the Mystical Union of Spirituality and Sensuality

Dear Seeker of Truth and Fulfilment,


Have you ever yearned for a sanctuary where the essence of spirituality intertwines with the liberation of the body and soul? Where the concepts of Theosophy, Hermeticism, and Tantrism are not only studied but lived? We extend a warm invitation to like-minded individuals who resonate with the amalgamation of these profound paths for an exclusive opportunity to be part of an enriching community: the MSS Lifestyle Club.


We understand that true liberation encompasses all facets of being. At MSS Lifestyle Club, we celebrate this through our commitment to exploring the spiritual and sensual realms, creating a unique and holistic journey. We believe that by embracing our sexuality within a spiritual context, we unlock deeper dimensions of consciousness and connection.


Our Practicus membership stands on the pillars of ancient wisdom, where members are encouraged to dive into practices that foster enlightenment and intimacy, revealed through the venerable traditions of Hermeticism and Tantra. Here, sexuality is recognised not as mere physicality but as a vital energy that, when harnessed and integrated with spiritual practice, can propel one towards personal growth and universal harmony.


As we come together, we uphold the values of respect, consent, and confidentiality to ensure a welcoming and safe environment for all our members. Our club organises exclusive events, workshops, and retreats where you can engage with peers, share experiences, and refine your understanding through dialogues on occult, esoteric philosophies, and the sacredness of sensuality.


Membership Benefits:

  1. - Access to private gatherings and ceremonial rites focused on spiritual and sensual awakening.

  2. - Engaging discussions and learning sessions with experts in the fields of Theosophy, Hermeticism, and Tantra as it is practice in the East.

  3. - Supportive community of fellow practitioners to enrich your practice and broaden your horizons.

  4. - Opportunity to contribute to a growing movement that redefines the connection between the divine and earthly delights.


If this message stirs a resonance within you—if you have felt the pulse of ancient knowledge calling you to a life of deeper meaning and sensuous spirituality—then we welcome you to take the step towards self-discovery and communal growth with the MSS Lifestyle Club.


To express your interest and begin your journey with us, please respond with your intentions and what you hope to find and contribute within our community. We will follow up with details on the membership process and upcoming engagements.


We look forward to welcoming you into our fold, where together, we shall explore the infinite dance of enlightenment and ecstasy.


With anticipation and warmth,


MSS Lifestyle Club

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What is spiritual tantra? 

Spiritual Tantra is a complex and often misunderstood branch of ancient Eastern traditions, primarily rooted in Indian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. It involves a comprehensive philosophical framework and a set of practices that aim to integrate the spiritual and material aspects of existence, with the ultimate goal of achieving spiritual enlightenment or liberation.


Spiritual Tantra is a rich and multidimensional path that invites seekers to engage deeply with all facets of life and consciousness, through which they may realise their full spiritual potential and the fundamental unity of existence.

In the original context, "Tantra" refers to a collection of texts, teachings, and rituals that were developed around the middle of the first millennium CE. These practices often challenge conventional religious norms and may include complex symbolism, meditation, yoga, mantra (sacred sounds), ritual worship, and sometimes sexual elements, although the latter is generally misunderstood by Western interpretations.

Spiritual Tantra is more focused on the inner transformation, where the act of unifying the divine masculine and feminine principles within oneself, or Shiva and Shakti in Hindu Tantra, is central. This is often metaphorically represented through sexual union, but in the spiritual practice, it is not necessarily about physical sex; instead, it's about the union of these opposing forces and the balance of energies within the practitioner.

Through the practice of Tantra, individuals aim to awaken the dormant spiritual energy known as Kundalini, which is believed to reside at the base of the spine. The process includes various techniques to raise this energy through the energy centers or chakras in the body, leading to higher states of consciousness and the realization of one's ultimate nature, which is beyond dualities.

Tantric practices are diverse and can be highly individualized, often requiring guidance from a knowledgeable teacher or guru. Because the practices can be powerful, they are usually approached with a certain degree of preparation, respect, and understanding of the underlying philosophical principles. Tantra also encourages seeing all aspects of life—including those that might be considered 'impure' or 'taboo' by more orthodox traditions—as potential avenues for spiritual growth.

In the West, Tantra is often associated with 'Tantric sex', but this is a narrow and sometimes commercialized interpretation of what is in reality a broad and profound spiritual tradition. True spiritual Tantra is about inner transformation and the pursuit of enlightenment by transcending the limitations of the ego and experiencing the sacredness in all things.



What is Sex Magic from an occultist and spiritual perspective?

From an occultist perspective, sex magic is a practice that uses sexual energy as a powerful tool to manifest desired outcomes, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual, or material. The practice is based on the belief that the energy generated during sex is an elemental force that can be harnessed and directed toward a specific goal or intention.

Sex magic is often associated with various esoteric and magical traditions, including certain branches of Western esotericism, Thelema (founded by Aleister Crowley), and some forms of modern Paganism and witchcraft. The core idea is that the act of sex, especially at the moment of orgasm, creates an intense and focused state of consciousness that can be channeled or 'programmed' with one's will.

Here's how sex magic is commonly viewed and practiced within occult traditions:

1. **Sacred Sexuality**: Sex is treated as a sacred act. Practitioners may perform rituals to honor deities of sexuality and fertility, or they may view the act itself as an embodiment of divine forces.

2. **Magical Intention**: Before engaging in sex magic, practitioners set a clear and specific intention. This intention is the desired outcome they wish to manifest. It could be anything from personal empowerment and spiritual development to more tangible goals.

3. **Ritualistic Framework**: The practice frequently occurs within a ritualistic context, often with preparatory steps such as purification, casting a circle, invoking protective and guiding entities, and stating the intention out loud or mentally.

4. **Energetic Alignment**: Practitioners use various techniques to align their energy with their partner (if present) and the intended goal. This might include breathing exercises, visualization, and the use of symbols or sigils that represent the desired outcome.

5. **Sexual Energy**: As sexual excitement builds, so does the psychic energy, reaching its peak at the moment of orgasm. Contrary to regular sexual encounters, during sex magic, the moment of climax is not just for physical pleasure but is viewed as a potent force that practitioners mentally direct towards their intention.

6. **Release and Manifestation**: At orgasm, the concentrated energy and intention are released into the universe or into a magical object (like a charged talisman). The belief is that this released energy will work on subtle planes to bring the intention to fruition.

7. **Post-Ritual Actions**: After the act, there may be a closing ritual, thanksgiving, or grounding exercises to return to a normal state of consciousness.

If you feel this is the way you want to explore your sexual liberation, kindly please apply for a membership. Admittance is based on your membership application only.  

Upcoming Events

  •  Orgasmic Touch Workshop
     Orgasmic Touch Workshop
    Membership Offer
    Fri, 05 Apr
    05 Apr 2024, 18:30 – 21:30
    London, London, UK
    Tantric touch has the power to bring the body, mind and spirit to new heights
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